Travel and Learn

When people talk about the nomadic lifestyle, they often focus on the combination of travel and work. But to me, the nomadic experience is more about a mindset of travel and learning.

Traveling is a great way to learn and gain first-hand experience. By immersing yourself in a new culture, language, and way of life, you can earn a unique perspective that can’t be obtained from books, articles, lectures, or online courses.

Traveling allows you to meet people from all different backgrounds. There is a saying in Hebrew that says, “Who is the wise person? The one who learns from every person.” By listening to others and trying to understand their perspective, you can gain a deeper understanding of the world than you would from any other experience.

These learnings could also be very practical and might even allow sustaining your traveling lifestyle. How?

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A new ISM is formed / NFTism

According to the Oxford dictionary, the suffix ism usually refers to a political ideology or an artistic movement. We typically associate it with potent words such as Capitalism or Expressionism, words that describe currents or beliefs practiced by billions of people and that generated a very profound impact on man’s life at a particular moment in history. Today, the emergence of the Blockchain is causing an unstoppable revolution, a social phenomenon so powerful that, over time, we might even call it “NFTism.”

An NFT is a non-fungible token. However, despite its widespread use, the definition of the token remains complex. While it is undoubtedly a capability derived from Blockchain technology, a token represents a concept: the democratization of value. This phenomenon can already be observed in many areas of human activity; however, it is in art and economic policy where NFTism is beginning to gain notoriety.

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The most sacred place in the world


The confrontation between Palestinians and Israelis has once again reached catastrophic levels. For decades this dispute has faced two cultures whose presence in the area dates back thousands of years and whose solution could reach the same age. While it is true that the conflict has many angles, it is its highly religious nature that transforms the discussion about the belonging of Jerusalem into the most delicate point. We will never find a solution to this confrontation if we continue to see the city as a simple possession.

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El lugar más sagrado del mundo

El enfrentamiento entre palestinos e israelíes ha alcanzado nuevamente niveles catastróficos. Esta disputa enfrenta desde hace décadas a dos culturas cuya presencia en la zona se remonta a miles de años, y cuya solución podría alcanzar la misma edad. Si bien es cierto que el conflicto debe ser visto desde varios ángulos, es su carácter altamente religioso el que transforma la discusión sobre la pertenencia de Jerusalén en el punto más delicado del conflicto. Jamás encontraremos una solución a este enfrentamiento si seguimos viendo a la ciudad como una simple posesión.

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The globalization of culture

Flying at Aucaloma, Peru

Globalization is all-encompassing. Our cultures have long crossed borders, reaching far and wide. A kid from Copenhagen consuming content on Netflix or Youtube would have much in common as a kid from Arequipa watching the same. Most probably, they will be able to communicate successfully in English without realizing that a good part of their identity disappears along the way.  The Internet has released the boundaries of content (to a certain extent), bringing cultures to evolve similarly. 

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